Artist Statement

My work explores this middle ground, gray area in between these two worlds in which I live. This duality has played a big role in my upbringing. German mother, father from Jersey. 


I want to put people in my world, something they aren’t as familiar with or used to. Often times it is here that we find parts of ourselves. Sometimes being uncomfortable is ok and we need to step out of what is comfortable for us and put ourselves in the perspective of others. 

My work often starts with a question or curiosity; I’m curious of the unknown and I question a lot of things that sometimes never make sense to me. 


What defines masculinity? 

Growing up most of my friends were black and in our culture it is expected that you are tough, we had to be to keep up with the older kids in our neighborhood.

But does that mean if a guy wears makeup he isn't a man? 

Or if he cries he’s not masculine? 

I question religions and the meaning of man. 

Why is it that we have innocent kids who get shot in crossfire who never even got to really live? 

Why does the bible say that my brother will go to hell because he likes men? 

I have people close to me that I’ve grown up with that have made some bad choices and have been locked behind bars. 

From the outside looking in they are evil people or wrong, but why do I see the good in them, see part of me?